I love these circles, and never has there been a more important time to come together with your soul group family. Connecting with others to receive healing and spirit-led activations make them so much more powerful as we all work together to heal.


It has always been the way that coming together as a group, whether it's for meditation or healing helps to remind you of your magical place in the world and how important you are, as well as easing that feeling of isolation or separation that can plague so many. Come and gather in a group with your soul fam and see how amazing it is! 


We really are all one and we are all connected and coming into a circle space helps us to feel this.

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Sound healing circle

The benefits of sound healing have been known for time immemorial, and I have seen as a clairvoyant that it will be a very significant healing modality used in the future. 

Join this fabulous circle where you all you need to do is lie down and get comfy while I play crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowl and other instruments to rebalance your energy body, instil deep calm and bring healing to your cellular structures. 

IN PERSON - Letcombe Regis village hall

Friday 24th June, 2022

Sunday 31st July, 2022

7.30pm to 8.30pm




mother goddess.jpeg

Healing meditation circle

Each guided meditation session focuses on a different theme for you to receive the healing and spiritual upgrades you need in your present moment reality. Simply relax and allow yourself to receive and be guided. 

For this session, We will be journeying to connect to the Mother Goddess, the Mother of all that is, to remember how deeply loved you are and what a sacred being you are. Connecting with the Great Mother opens your heart to what true unconditional love really is.



31st March, 2022

7.30pm to 8.30pm