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"Only in my deep meditation do I come to know who I truly am"

~ Sri Chinmoy

It's so important as humans to gather in circle. We all need help on our paths, and connecting with like-minded souls is a truly magical experience. A healing activation is an invitation to make changes in your life, the way you see yourself, and brings you to the understanding that you are truly a remarkable being. 


A deeply relaxing and restorative experience, I take you on a guided journey (channelled through me) to receive energetic shifts and upgrades to help you open up to your spiritual SoulSelf and access your abilities that may be dormant. You need to do nothing other than allow yourself to receive and be changed from the inside out, opening your mind to the realms beyond your physical life, and surrendering to the huge support that is available to you. It is a gift to you.


Each session we will focus on a different theme so that you can receive exactly what you need in your present moment experience. Past themes have included connecting with your inner God/ddess, strengthening your third eye chakra with amethyst, opening your heart to cosmic love, and connecting to your Angel of Power. 

Current session: Thursday, 26th May, 2022

We will be journeying to sit within the Golden pyramid of energy healing, rejuvenation and power. 

Last Thursday of every month via Zoom: 7.30pm - 8.30pm.

The investment for the circle is: £11. 

Contact me for more information or book your place below!

Healing journey meditation to the golden pyramid ~ 7.30pm-8.30pm
Transformative guided meditation sessions where you receive spiritual healing and upgrades. We will be journeying to sit with the Golden pyramid of energy rebalance, rejuvenation and power.
26 May, 19:30 – 20:30 BST