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#awakeningtips "Allow the stars to guide you to your magnificence"

"When you connect to the stars ~ REALLY connect, you begin to realise just how vast existence is, and how vast consciousness is.

You begin to realise that each manifestation of life on earth passes in the blink of an eye, in a transitory moment, but that you, as your eternal self, exists forever and beyond this realm.

You are no different to a blade of grass, a stone on the side of the road, a star in the sky ~ you are all the same ~ manifestations of consciousness in a physical realm.

Tonight, in the darkness of night, look up at the stars.

Lie on the ground and turn your gaze to the infinite. Breathe deeply, and slowly and gently release your grip on your physical being, dive deep into your SoulSelf, and recognise your magnificence, recognise your oneness with the Universe, recognise how you are not separate from it, and that just as the Universe is vast, so too are you.

Life, viewed through the lens of the eternal self, loses all fear, all doubt. You become peace; deep knowing that someone there is a plan in all of your life, that there is a guidance system within you knowing exactly which way to go; that you are part of something so great, and are never, never alone.

Breathe with the stars tonight beautifuls, slow your body down, slow your thoughts and become this eternal self. Become a 'being' not a 'doing'. Feel how that sense of connectedness rises within you.

Allow yourself to just be. Just. Be.

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