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"Love conquers everything and always will ... "

Some of my students and clients are feeling a lot of fear around current events, understandably, so I posted a few words in a private group on social media about what I intuitively feel is happening from a spiritual perspective, and have reposted here as a blog post to bring some peace to worried hearts.

"What's happening is a mass, MASSIVE awakening. There is more awakening now than I have ever seen in 20 years and on a much more global, collective scale. None of this is an accident. I can see unprecedented waves of light wanting to be anchored through us and into Gaia ~ but before that can occur negativity needs to be released.

The virus is a trigger for fear, because you cannot purge that which isn't being felt. So everyone is being triggered on a global scale to release fear and once this fear has been released to an adequate level the "virus" will disappear and extraordinary waves of light will then anchor in taking us into the next level of awakening.

Remember feelings need to be 'felt' in order to be purged and released.

The key is to feel the fear and release it, not be taken in by it. In every moment we need to return to the sparks of Source that we are ~ so when anxiety rises, allow it but move through it and return to your Source being. You are FAR MORE than just a human being. There is far more going on here than is understood by the rational mind.

My suggestion is to make sure you return to Source, consciousness, whatever you want to call it (semantics! the words don't matter!), every day, even if just for a few moments, as this is what will assist the mass healing that is taking place. Giving Reiki to others is wonderful but it won't work if you are not also working on yourself. The magic is that EVERY TIME you allow another layer of fear to be released from you, you are also releasing the fear from the collective. So the work you do on yourself is far more powerful than you could ever imagine.

Stay in the light, stay in your power, stay in your knowing as a Divine spark. Be ready for the awakening that is happening so that you can lead others out of fear. The more you can shine your power as Divine light the more others will follow suit. It's not about what you 'do' it's about who you 'are'. That is what will make a difference.

The light that is coming through is unlike anything I have ever seen. We are in exceptional times. It may get worse before it gets better but ultimately if you let the light with you win, then the light within the collective will win.

Look at the extraordinary kindnesses we are seeing on social media (no, not the bog roll hoarding), but the thing is, it isn't extraordinary, that is who we really are.

There is A LOT of darkness of planet earth. More than most people realise, and would be quite shocked by. But to release darkness it has to be SEEN. You cannot paint fluffy clouds of love and light over it ~ we have to face the darkness WHILST KNOWING that we are also beyond the darkness, and that we are warriors of light.

This darkness is now being released but it's a painful process ~ just like when we have to face our own darkness it is painful. But that is where freedom, peace and joy is, moving through the darkness, knowing you are NOT the darkness and knowing that you are nothing but Source light.

Ultimately the "virus" is taking us back to ourselves, back to Source, back to who we really are.

Alongside all the practical considerations of helping yourself, others, and the community, staying in your light, really using your intuition and taking the time go within are the best things you can do for ALL OF US.

The antidote to fear is love. Love always did conquer all and always will. So when you transmute the fear, bring love through you.

To do this, all you need to do is think of someone or something you truly truly love, your soulmate partner, fam, pet, whoever, and sit in that feeling ~ it will transcend beyond your physical being and into the collective. Even if you don't believe a word of what I say, do it anyway, you have absolutely, categorically NOTHING to lose.

If I had one wish it's that everyone would do this. So many will think: 'Why the hell would I mediate at a time like this when we're in crisis?!' When the irony is it's the most powerful thing anyone could do in this time of crisis.

Stand in your light!💜💛💙"


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