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Message for the awakened ones

I am receiving so many psychic visions at the moment, dreams and information about our current ascension as humanity/as the earth. What I have written below is my attempt to piece them all together into one place with the hope that it will help whoever is guided to read this.

Deep gratitude to my light team for working with me at this time and for channelling so much light to all of us at the moment. These truly are spectacular times. The [] are specifically my words. I have a feeling there may be a part two to this!

For some this will be unfathomable, for others it will be already known. Simple take and leave what resonates and find your own truth.

  • The "war" you are currently experiencing was always going to occur; it stems from the fall of Atlantis. The energetic catalyst of that fall threw (almost) all into a karmic cycle (a karmic cycle of polarity and dark/light paradigm). You have been playing out the karma of that fall until now, where you have reached the pinnacle and you are now, as a conscious humanity, able to ascend to the new timeline/new earth because the karmic cycle is completing. You have chosen this, as have earth, and so it will be. Know that ultimately, though the words are used here for ease of definition, there is no 'dark' and 'light' there is only an expression of polarity from the one Source of all that is.

  • This is the endgame, and to complete the karmic it always HAD to come to this point, you could not have stepped off this wheel before now. Know that everything is as it should be. [So many films play this karma out by the way, think of Star Wars and Avatar.]

  • The polarity of 'dark' know this is indeed the endgame and they also know the time for this polarity is at an end. BUT the actors in this 'darkness' are will refuse the ascension of the light until the very end. They will technically 'throw everything they have' against the light. These beings operate from a low vibrational place of fear and domination, they simply to not understand the energetic frequency of surrender as it is not in their consciousness. Compassion carries no meaning for them and Humanity is a commodity, an 'energetic' food source. They receive a lot of this 'food' via humanity fighting itself, hence they will continue to provoke this as long as they are able.

  • Many beings are trapped, knowingly and unknowingly, and are very locked into a ‘self’ agenda. Each being operating form this polarity also has the choice. At any one point they are able to turn towards the light, and indeed many will, however, many are also playing our their own karmic wheel of darkness in order to complete it. [I see some real surprises happening here, I guess we would call them 'whistleblowers'. Some of those on the inside are going to really spill the beans as it were, and their testimonies are going to be crucial. We need to send great compassion and empathy to these beings. Many were weak and didn't know what they were getting into, but have become so disgusted and sickened by the more that was revealed to them over time that they were unable to stay silent. It will come to a culmination point for them where even death is preferably to staying. I also saw that many 'whistleblowers' have already lost their lives because of this.]

  • Although humanity has already entered the ascension timeline, it is crucial that the work of anchoring the light continues, and to anchor the light, the dark must be exposed, seen, forgiven, and released. Humanity will influence 'how' the endgame will be experienced. I.e., the more that wake up to the light and truth and shine that as part of their consciousness, the smoother and easier the ride will be. The less humanity does, the bumpier and difficult the ride.

  • Know that there are some that will never wake up, even after all has been laid bare for all to see. Respect this soul’s choice, it is simply not ready to step off the karmic when that has been part of its incarnations for thousands of years. They will be given the opportunity to step into another 3d timeline and to keep repeating these scenarios until they are ready. Simply know that critical mass has already been reached.

  • In addition to the above, lose your fear of those that are resisting awakening. Know that light beings are working with every person on this planet to assist them to see through the dark but that it is choice. Know that polarity still continues and in order for the karmic clearing from Atlantis to happen in full, some polarity still remains to be cleared and they are assisting in that. All souls that wish to wake up will wake up when they are ready. [I see many changes coming over about the next decade, some changes will be quick and imminent, others will take a lot more time. The 'dark' won't disappear overnight, to use war as an analogy, though the war many be won there will still be skirmishes.]

  • Most of you know all sides are being assisted by ‘off-planet’ beings. The earth has operated within the manifestation of the law of polarity i.e., equal light and dark, and has now shifted into the balance of greater light [It's much more complex than this but I found it difficult to describe]. Ironically, it is the dark polarity that triggered this simply by initiating the 'final' plan because they triggered the law of cause and effect. The 'final' plan, triggered the 'plan for awakening'. [look at what happened with Hitler, his downfall began when he initiated the 'final solution', all of the dark polarity players that have caused the most havoc are the same ones that caused the fall of Atlantis, but they are defeated each time at the critical point of the endgame.] However, it is so important to know that you will not be 'saved' as humanity will not be saved by these beings, you yourselves have 'called in' these beings by declaring that you will save yourself. The more people raise their consciousness, the more light beings are permitted, again by the law of cause and effect, to come in and assist. No light being will do the work FOR humanity. [I have seen very clearly now in more than one psychic vision that right at the critical point of the end of the war, masses of light beings will come in and tip the balance. So imagine the dark side is a massive boulder that we are trying to push off a cliff – we are the ones that will push and get it almost off the cliff, then at that moment the light beings will give the final push and it’s gone. Again, think avatar when the animals join the fight at the end.]

  • [It is imperative you know that your work is not in vain. You are the frontline crew, you are the light-changers, and there are many, many, many joining your path, even by the second. You as humanity have already reached critical mass, so it is the push towards the end now and it is accelerating. But it is accelerating because of the truth you are holding in your consciousness. The path to the new earth has already begun. I see this clearly]

  • [I keep seeing really unexpected people beginning to speak up. What I mean by unexpected is that big names that have more influence will also begin to speak the truth ~ people we would never guess in a million years. We have already seen glimpses of this with the heavy weight boxer and the stunt men in Out of Shadows.]

  • [Never forget the power of your light. Light will always trump dark [pun intended]. The dark side, although also a manifestation of source, do not have source as their power, we do. They use fear as their power. I powerful declaration when you feel fear is: ‘I am the light, I am of the light, I work full in serve to the light’. Repeating this over and over again makes you literally repel darkness as they cannot stand to be in such light. Think of a room, you cannot switch darkness on, you either switch the light on or off, and that is what creates the darkness.]

  • Don’t underestimate the power of your consciousness, it is your consciousness that will bring the change to the polarity, much more so than your actions. Your actions, though important, are secondary. Spend time every day declaring your being to be that of service to the light and in full intention of reaching the new earth. This is actually how it will be created. Remember we always have choice. The coming of the new age is upon you. In many ways it has already occurred you are simply only now seeing it begin to be manifested into the physical. Remember this new age is why you are here, it is why you chose this time.

  • Earth herself has also called in this change and as a result is receiving massive downloads of light codes [mostly through the sun though they come from further away than that]. You are also receiving light codes as a result of being incarnated here at this time. When you can turn your face to the sun and ask to receive these codes whilst also standing barefoot on the ground. You only need do this for a few moments and you will be activated. [There are no words to describe how powerful this work is. It is essential and you WILL ascend with these light codes. I am seeing this constantly.]

  • In addition to above, work with the golden ray of light ~ this is the powerful vibration that is anchoring the most at the moment and is the one that will elevate ALL consciousness and is crucial to the ascension timeline.

  • Special message for twin flames - a large group of twin flames who have chosen to incarnate at this time have incarnated specifically to bring forth the DNA of the Atlantean template of unconditional love and the power of Source made manifest in the physical. This DNA has been largely dormant as they have, within their own personal lives, have also experienced the light dark polarity battle within themselves and/or life situations. This was all deliberate, by clearing the way for the template in themselves, they are also clearing it for humanity. Their power as a manifestation of unity consciousness and unconditional love was known and many were flung apart by the dark forces to greatly weaken them. They chose to take on the karma of so many and travelled many karmic cycles to once again ready the point of union and your great power in anchoring unconditional love onto the planet. In the coming months this dormant DNA will be activated and they will come fully into the mission of anchoring the light codes in the earth for her mastery. They carry the Master codes of ascension within them. This isn't all twin flames, some have already completed their mission and will likely to returning to Source or expressing their mission in other ways. Each twin will know. All those who signed up for this mission will be coming into alignment in the coming months if they haven't already. Some have already completed their missions and have dissolved their contracts. [Note, this a representation of ONE mission in many, many missions. It is not in any way elevated than any other mission, simply an expression of one. I received the specific message because this is the mission my soul agreed to.]

  • [Final words from my team of light] Follow your heart and it will always lead you home. Go within ~ "as within so without". Stand in your power and declare that you ascend. Connect with your great home, the great Mother Earth. Align your own heart with the ascension you wish to see. Call in your soul tribe and stand united. Allow fear, disgust and hatred to move through you, do not allow it to manifest within you. All will be revealed, all will be balanced. The time for release of karma and the beginning of the new earth has begun. Call your soul home.


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