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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

So this month I forgot to send the newsletter out to my subscribers out, that I’ve been doing for, oh I don’t know, every month in the last five years! But this month I just plain and simple forgot. Totally went out of my head. Not a word was written.

Granted, it was the end of the silly season and things are always a little bit upside down then, but still, I managed to remember last year and the year before that etc., so why not this year?

To be fair, it’s not the world’s most important event to get an email newsletter out to all my subscribers (I bet some of them didn’t even notice, tut tut) but actually to me, it is important. I like to keep my lovely THR peeps up to date with what I’m up to and give them all a lovely offer every month to remind them to allow themselves some time out for some TLC. So I was properly cross with myself for forgetting.

The thing is though it’s taught me something valuable (every cloud!). Namely, that trying to do everything perfectly in my business all the time just isn’t going to happen. And if I mess up, (like we all do), or forget things, (like we all do), or generally make a prat of myself, (like we all do), then you know what, it’s actually OK.

Rather than grabbing a one way ticket to guiltville and annoyedville and wasting a whole heap of time feeling crappy (which I was happily doing), we have another choice. We apologise if that’s what’s needed, think about how we could do things differently next time (set an alarm on my phone!), forgive ourselves and move on.

Some things will be harder than others of course. With this email it’s pretty easy, as at the end of the day, it is just an email. When we mess up on a bigger scale, it’s not as easy, but the above is still a necessary process to go through as otherwise we end up just plain and simple miserable.

So here’s a tip: you’re going to mess up. You, yes you, are going to mess up. NEWSFLASH.

It’s Going To Happen!

It’s how you deal with it that matters. But once you know that and accept it, you will be way, way happier and better equipped to deal with it.

Onwards and upwards lovelies!

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