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Oracle card reading for the collective ~ 6th April, 2020

Such beeeaauuuautiful cards presented to me this morning for our message from Spirit.

For those that don't know there was a global, mass meditation event on Saturday 4th April, where millions took part. I set my alarm for 3.45am to join in and I can't even put into words the amount of light that flooded our beautiful planet and every being on it. I pulled these cards a few days later as I felt some important messages wanting to come through.

Here is what the cards wanted to tell us this morning:

Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star chakra is one of the energy centres we have that connect us to the infinite self (located in our energy body above the head). Part of our conditioned experience is that we are just a physical being living through the physical senses, but we are soooo much more than this! We are a light body at our core, who has incarnated many times into the physical, and in each incarnation we have a different experience. Linking to this higher chakra is the gateway to the realisation and knowing of this higher aspect of us.

I can hear the following message as I tune into this card:

"This is the time of the Great Knowing."

And indeed it is! Part of what is happening at the moment is the realisation of our SoulSelf, the realisation that we are beyond the physical. It's not something we find through our physical senses, as they are limited. It's the inner senses, the knowing sense, the feeling sense, the sense of inner vision that shows us just how infinite we are. The Soul Star chakra is part of this knowingness - we may not see this chakra with our physical eyes but we can feel it through our energy body.


The Soul Star Chakra then leads us to this next card: UNITY. Unity here is talking about 'unity consciousness': the fact that we are all the same in our truest form. Whatever gender, race, beliefs, occupation, family we have in this lifetime are just experiences that we have chosen in this lifetime. Our SoulSelf is beyond all of it. These experiences are incredibly important ~ they are the vehicle for growth and learning ~ but they aren't who we are.

The more we tap into this knowledge, the more expansive we become and the more trusting we become of our place in the Universe. We are in very interesting times and one aspect of the Awakening we're going through is realising that we are not separate; we are all connected, and by accessing this higher consciousness, we immediately help others to access it by default, because every thought, feeling and desire we have affects the consciousness of all.


Lastly, we have the Self-love card, pretty self-explanatory! The message in this card is that everything begins and ends with us:

"As within, so without"

If we want to see peace on the physical manifestation of our lives, we have to discover peace within us, if we want to see less fear around us, we need to integrate the fear within us. Whatever we see on the outside of us is simply a mirror for all of humanity. If we want to see a world with no war we need to not be at war with ourselves. WE ARE THE KEY to change we want to see, it is not outside of us, and self love is the vital component in all of it:

"Love is the very foundation of your being and returning to this love is what will set you free."


I hope you enjoyed this guidance from spirit today, do leave a comment or share if you feel guided, I would love to know what you think!


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