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Oracle card reading ~ 27th March, 2020

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

On my last FB live meditation I pulled some cards for the collective to see what message Spirit had for us. Grab a cuppa and a choccy hobnob and have a read!

17. Sanctuary. With this card, Spirit talked to us about our 'inner' sanctuary. They advised us that the best thing we can do during this time is to go within, because that is where our true home is; where our true safety is. If we can find peace and love within, we are much less challenged with what is going on around us. Our inner SoulSelf is incredibly wise and all knowing, and tuning in to the wisdom it holds will always lead us in the right direction. The SoulSelf knows no fear and only knows what the heart knows. It only speaks from love. Listen to your loving self and gift yourself time to meditate and turn inwards ~ get to know yourself and who you truly are as a magnificent being of light.

43. Embracing change. Change can be very hard when it is thrust upon us. We can be going about our daily lives in blissful ignorance then a week later everything is topsy turvy. But Spirit reminds us that it's not the change itself that's the issue, it's the uncertainty of change that we didn't plan for. Our egoic self always wants to be in control because it feels safe that way. It can't hold on to uncertainty as by its very nature it is fluid, initiating the fear and panic response in the body. But as the first card showed us, just because we don't know what's going to happen the next day of our lives, doesn't mean we're not exactly where we're meant to be, safe and sound. Embracing the storm of change with a peaceful mind will help us see clearly and help us hear our own intuition about what steps are helpful to take.

26. Heart healing. Card number three was just beautiful, such energy of compassion, deep unconditional love and unity consciousness. Through this card Spirit spoke to us about how we are all connected through the heart, we are ALL Divine sparks of light and once again, reminded us to go within to access this knowing. To connect with the fact that we are no different from blade of grass, a rock, a tree ~ there is no separation between us and nature, we are all as one, and recognising that in any situation calms the stormy waters and brings us back to our harbour.

25. Appreciation. Finally with this card, Spirit talked to us about recognising the abundance that was all around us and not to focus on the 'losses'. For most of us we have a warm bed to sleep in still, we have a roof over our heads, we have running water, toilets, food in the fridge, electricity and company with us. Spirit reminded us that there is always abundance to be found all around us, it's just a matter of seeing it. Spirit gently asked us to come fully into the present moment, and appreciate how much abundance we have around us in that moment; the gift of family, the gift of time, the gift of quiet, the gift of respite, the gift of togetherness and support. Our natural state of being is abundance, but we will only ever see what we focus on. Change our view and we change our experience.

Thank you for being here and reading the words that Spirit have for us. I hope it helps and that everyone is well. One to one readings are available with me here.

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