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We are all telepathic by nature; we are always communicating with each other energetically, even if we’re not aware of it. We are usually too immersed in our ‘thinking’ mind leaving little room for our ‘spiritual’ mind, meaning we don’t pay our energetic communication abilities much attention.

Angel of guidance

In a reading this morning I was shown how for those of us that are being restricted from gathering in the physical through social distancing or lockdowns, our telepathic abilities are rising to the surface, growing, and becoming more active with each day that passes.

Think of the last time you really tried to hear something: you most likely closed your eyes in order to be able to place your full attention to your hearing. It’s the same principle ~ as we are kept apart physically, the focus shifts to our energetic natures and we connect energetically instead.

Once we recognise that we are not our physical beings, that in fact, our bodies are just temporary vessels within which we find ourselves housed, we begin to let go of any constraints and programming that we are limited.

What I was shown is that we are currently reaching out to each other, soul to soul, mind to mind, heightening our awareness of ourselves as light bodies. Huge gatherings of minds are taking place on an energetic level and information is being passed from person to person through telepathic signalling. Wisdom, knowing, information is being exchanged at unprecedented levels.

We are awakening from our slumber, we are levelling up, casting off the shackles of the left brain and bringing our spiritual natures to the fore. We are beginning to recognise that we are superhuman, as indeed, we always were.


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