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The Corn. Oracle Card reading 16 ~ 22 Mar.

The Guide that spoke to us last week carried the Divine Masculine vibration and brought us such an important message about shining our light; and this week we have his counterpart, the Divine feminine, coming in with her message all about women shining together.

She talks to us of the importance of sisterhood; of realising that all women rise together or not at all. In traditional cultures, women often gathered together to mill the corn (and still do), and it was a time for great communion as they shared stories, gossip and healing remedies. The older women would advise the younger women, and the younger women would help the older women with their sore backs and feet. The corn was such an important staple of life for togetherness and sustenance; so much more than just a meal.

She is showing me a wonderful time of support and nurturing, and how with each woman looking after the other, all grew and all were cared for. They thrived, just like the cornfields, and no one women was better than another. Each had her place in the group, each teaching the others in their unique way; ensuring soul growth for all. Just like each cob of corn feeds and sustains humanity and the animal kingdom, so too does each woman in a sisterhood.

She asks us to look out today and ask ourselves: ‘what can I do for my sisters today?’ Is there a sister who needs more support right know, and would feel uplifted with my phone call? Is there a sister is who is suffering ill health and needs my practical support? Can I take a sister for some time out today?

Whatever it is, think about planting these seeds of nurturing to help other women grow. Be the life-giving sunshine and the rain, ensuring a happy and healthful harvest of sisterhood all around you.

“Together We Thrive, Together We Rise.”

Thank you for following me and I hope you found these readings helpful! I feel very honoured to be a messenger for spirit, and if you feel guided please do like and share so it can assist others. To book a reading visit here:

The deck used for the reading is ‘Mystical Shaman Oracle’ by Villoldo, Baron-Reid and Lobos. Many blessings xxx

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