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The trees tell stories ...

It was my birthday recently and I was lucky enough to be taken away for the weekend to visit an ancient forest. A place with huge sequoia trees and barely disturbed woodland where we went in search of a stone circle.

This will always be my on my list of top 5 of things to do ~ time spent away from noise, just walking and sitting quietly with nature. Something so vital to my wellbeing, if not all our wellbeing.

Using claircognizance and clairsentience I tuned into the energy of each tree as I walked by and could feel how they each had their own energy signature and personality. As is often the case, they reminded me of a recurring truth: the power and importance of slowing down. Of stepping away from the ‘thinking’ self towards the ‘being’ self.

Making a conscious effort to be in this ‘being’ self means you soon realise that you are made from the same stardust that trees are made from, and with this, an entirely different world opens up for you: a world of infinite connectedness, catapulting you into a greater understanding of what is possible.

Trees are wise keepers of knowledge and each one will tell you its story; the benefits of its bark, its fruit, its leaves. And yes, they really do communicate with each other in a way you can only really understand when you open your mind to the possibility that this is perfectly natural. You, just like the trees, are consciousness currently experiencing a physical reality, you are connected to everything.

The wisdom of the trees can be heard when you slow yourself down enough to hear them.

Next time you walk through a forest, spend some time connecting one on one with each tree. Slow down your breathing, go into your body, and quieten your mind. Reach out to your tree and remind yourself that you are not just touching the bark, you are touching the great force beyond its physical manifestation.

Then, simply wait in silence and feel into this force.

You are capable of SO MUCH MORE than you have been led to believe, and connecting with nature in this way is only the beginning.

You can communicate with all life around you and learn its secrets. And it only starts with one. small. step …

Being still enough to allow it.




NB: If you struggle to still the mind and go into a meditative space, don't forget my online meditation course is always available to you. Head on over here to find out more!

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