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Welcome to The Healing Room

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Hello lovelies, thank you for visiting my blog and a very warm welcome to The Healing Room!

The Healing Room is a tranquil space where you can fully relax and enjoy some time out, whilst also receiving guidance and healing for any issues you may be experiencing. Sometimes we just need something a little bit different, when perhaps conventional avenues aren’t working, and this is where THR can help you.

Do you feel like you’re always tired, run off your feet, and just don’t get any time out?

Self care is often last on the list in our lives, but it is vitally important, as the more healthy and energised we are, the happier we are, which in turn helps us live fuller, brighter lives.

Taking time out is essential so that we can recharge our batteries and avoid becoming stressed, exhausted and feeling like we’re just functioning, not living. Having a treatment or attending a circle at THR can help you achieve all of this.

Take a look at the treatments and circles on offer and do get in touch with any queries.

I look forward to meeting you. 🙂

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