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Most of you have heard the story of the Star of Bethlehem ~ the star that guided the three Maji towards Bethlehem. It is a beautiful star of guidance and you too can connect with it for help on your own path, including what next steps to make, clear messages on where you are going, and what to focus on.


In this session you will also receive a deep and powerful healing from this star and fill your body with starlight. This light truly illuminates your spiritual nature and reminds you that you are a child of the universe and we are all made of stardust.


You will bathe in starlight and bring clearing, particularly to the third eye chakra for you to see with more clarity, and the heart chakra to supercharge your intuition so that you can feel your way and draw to you synchronicities, opportunities, and people who will help you on your life's path. 


In this session you will:

Receive clearing for:

  • your third eye chakra so that can see what to be focusing on.

  • removal of any energy that is not yours and energetic cords that do not serve you.

  • the heart space to strengthen your ability to hear messages from your higher self.


Receiving healing to:

  • be rejuvenated, cleansed, and restored to a deep sense of wellbeing.

  • be reminded of your own connection to the universe..

  • experience your multidimensional nature and travel to the stars




No experience necessary, just an open mind and a willingness to receive healing. This recording is best listened to in the evening before bed.


NB: This is a recording of a live session.



  • Please make sure you are hydrated and comfortable ready for the recording. 
  • Sit somewhere where you will not be disturbed and where you can go deep into a meditative state to receive.
  • Make sure you can relax and integrate the healing afterwards. 
  • Drink plenty of water afterwards and avoid alcohol, anything stimulating, and negative television programmes.


Disclaimer: by purchasing this recording you are aware that everything you experience is your free will and the Oracle Card Goddess holds no responsibility for the results.

Akashic clearing ~ Find your direction. Recording of live group session

  • You are a soul who has lived many lifetimes, with a vast array of experiences. Some of these experiences can be holding you back in this lifetimes, such as traumas, vows of chastity, poverty, or self-sacrifice, Karmic entanglements, or declarations that are interfering with your current life. During this clearing you will receive help to clear and purify these blocks, as well as receiving Angelic assistance and the healing codes brought into your Akash to step forward differently on your path, freer than before.

    ​Issues that can be cleared in the Akash include:

    Patterns you find yourself repeating where you find yourself asking: 'Why does this keep happening to me?'

    Feeling like you have 'blocks' to moving forward, and you feel like you're 'stuck'.

    Fears or phobias that don't make any sense to you. 

    Habits that you are finding impossible to break.

    Negative thought forms such as: 'I'm not good enough'. 

    ​Gifts that can be written into your Akash:

    Dormant spiritual gifts and abilities.

    Abundance codes.

    Release from soul contracts.

    New patterns of thinking and being.

    ​All work in the Akashic records is led by your spirit guides. Nothing can be cleared that isn't for your highest good or the highest good of all. All clearing and healing operates under the Law of One and the Law of Grace. 

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