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Welcome to my events page!


Here you will find all of my upcoming events, both online via Zoom and in person. Do visit back to this page regularly to see what I'm up to, or sign up to the newsletter (at the bottom of the page) where I publish my upcoming events sessions, AND, my lovely email subscribers get discount codes!

Image by Jez Timms

Group Akashic clearing: clearing negative interference

A powerful online session where we journey into the Akashic field through guided meditation to clear obstacles that are currently holding you back, heal what you are ready to release, and bring in your higher gifts and magical potential.

NB: Each month has a different theme, see 'More info.' for more details of this month's session.

via Zoom

WEDNESDAY, 17th April, 2024

7.30pm - 9pm



Reiki + Meditation + Sound

A deeply relaxing sound bath with Reiki and Meditation that will guide you into relaxing your body and mind and allowing the power of Angelic Reiki and the crystal singing bowls to bring you healing. 

via Zoom 

WEDNESDAY, 29th May, 2024

7.30pm to 8.30pm



Gong +Crystal bowl healing sound bath

Join me for a one off collaboration with my beautiful friend Trish to bring you an extended evening of healing sound. You will be surrounded by the sound of Gongs and the sound of crystal singing bowls for a uniquely powerful experience. 


WEDNESDAY, 24th April, 2024

7pm to 8.30pm


helen elder oracle card goddess oxfordshire psychic tarot meditation akashic

Crystal singing bowl healing sound bath

Let yourself be transported into the world of sound healing where you will receive Angelic assistance together with sound for harmonising the mind, body and soul. You will also choose an Oracle card for your own personal message.

NB: these sound baths are held monthly, see 'More info' for the full list of dates.


WEDNESDAY, 26th June, 2024

7.30pm to 8.45pm


Image by Billy Huynh

Intuition practice circle

Come and gather with others and I will show you how intuitive YOU are, and what an extraordinary GPS system resides within you. This intuitive voice is at the core of who you are ~ it is your internal guiding system and navigator in life and it only needs a few simple techniques and practice to really tune into it.


FRIDAY, 3rd May, 2024

7.30pm to 9pm


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