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Helen Elder Tarot Akashic

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Hi! I'm Helen, AKA the Oracle Card Goddess

(formally The Healing Room)


As far back as I can remember I knew that there was 'more' out there. More than the physical life I was living. As a child I had premonitions, dreams and psychic insight that no one around me could explain, and it sent me on a journey of discovery of who I was beyond the physical. When my sister died unexpectedly at a young age I realised that she still existed, only in another realm, and that sent me on a quest to learn all about spirit guides, angels and the 'other' side of life. 


Growing up I realised that all this made me different, and I was often called 'weird', so I put all this to one side and moved to London to get a 'proper job'. Fast forward a few years and I became very ill very suddenly, and as a result lost the life I knew - my job, my home, my social life, my income, my health. Everything. I had to move back home and it was two years before I was able to spend more than a few hours out of bed. I couldn't tolerate noise, light, activity, talking, anything that made up an ordinary life, and so my only option was to go inward. 

I realised that I had been living a life that I thought I 'should' live, and not the one that was right for me, and once again I turned to spiritual support and healing. This time was a dark night of the soul and it was almost a decade before I was able to work again.


I started slowly but surely to re-connect with my psychic and channelling abilities and realised that my true path was to work with spirit and help others recognise that they too are beautiful beings of light with many gifts.

I created this space to offer my gifts through intuitive Tarot and Oracle card readings, Akashic clearings, healing and teaching to show you how powerful you are and how you can connect with, strengthen and trust your own intuitive GPS system, connect with your Spirit guides, Angels, and your SoulSelf to navigate this world to find peace, joy and wellbeing.


I am the Oracle Card Goddess: Tarot card reader, Oracle card reader, Spiritual medium, Meditation teacher, Akashic record clearer and healer, and Sacred space holder. I really look forward to working with you and thank you for visiting. If you have any questions about my offerings drop me a line here

Helen xxx

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