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Working in a group with the Akashic records is exceptionally powerful as it amplifies greatly the healing power of a session. We all carry so many of the same issues ~ whether it's lack of self-belief, abundance blocks, lack of trust or clarity on our path, as well as vows, declarations, energy cords and traumas from past lives that are not helping us. Clearing these issues in a group setting helps to set you free and align you with your highest timeline.

To see an example of a group Akashic clearing view this Instagram live session.

You can also purchase previous Group Akashic clearings here.

Just like there are humans amongst us who choose to operate through darkness and negativity, there are also spirit entities that can interact with our energy fields, siphoning our energy, influencing how we feel about ourselves and generally trying to lower our vibration. This is a natural state of affairs as we live in a dimensional frequency of polarity with light and dark, but we are always the captain of our ship and can always choose the light. Light has more power  than dark because it is the energy of the Creator force, whereas dark has to use manipulation, ritual, and interference to feed itself. We are powerful beings and we can clear ourselves of this influence from others, entities, and dark energy in general and bring in powerful shielding and sacred space within which to hold our power of light techniques to counteract this unwanted attention.  


In this session you will:

Receive clearing for:

  • your energy body in the present, releasing you from all thoughts and feelings that are not yours

  • spells, sigils, or curses that have been placed on you in this or other lifetimes

  • fear or beliefs that the dark is more powerful than you are


Receiving healing to:

  • forgive and let go of any lifetimes where you have operated for the dark

  • bring through the pure white fire of the dragons of earth to lift your vibration to your highest timeline

  • place powerful shielding with Source codes to repel and release negative vibrations.



As always, I will also read your individual energy to see what you are in need of so many other issues may be cleared within the session.



  • No experience necessary, just an open mind, a willingness to receive healing, and to journey in a deeply meditative state.

  • This session is via Zoom and will be recorded and the audio file sent out to all participants afterwards.

  • You do not need to attend live if you are unable to.

  • Please make sure you are hydrated and comfortable ready for the session.

  • Sit somewhere where you will not be disturbed and where you can go into relaxation.

  • No refunds available as you will receive the recorded session.

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