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Hello lovely,


Are you wondering what session will work best for you, or are not sure what you feel in need of? Or perhaps you'd like to know how the sessions work, or how I work. 


If this is you, then book yourself in for a 15-20 minute discovery call so I can walk you through the process and how I can help you. And of course, you get to connect with me and see if I'm your cuppa or not. The cost of this session is then deducted from your session should you choose to go ahead and book.

You can also contact me via email if you have any q, or you can also see me in action with my live readings on Instagram, or in a Group Akashic clearing session.

I look forward to meeting you.❤️


This session is an initial chat, no readings or clearings take place in a discovery session.

All discovery calls are via Zoom.

*If you can't find a suitable time for you please contact me as a cancelled slot may be available*

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