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In this session we will journey into the Forest of Wonder to meet the playful and loving faery kingdom, a place filled with happiness and joy, where we will also gather together with beautiful animals who know nothing but unconditional love. Here you will find a loving space where your inner child can play and be free and feel loved and supported and meet their own power animal guide.


We will also call in the healing power of Goddess Sophia, the true Mother of us all, to heal our wounds of neglect, abandonment, rejection, not being seen or listened to, feeling unloved or unwanted.  

In this session you will:

Receive clearing for:

  • the root cause of childhood pain that has brought addictive behaviour into your life.

  • any feelings of not being wanted or being rejected and unloved.

  • incidents and traumas held as energetic blocks in your cellular body.


Receiving healing to:

  • deep healing from the Angels of love and Goddess Sophia (the Mother Goddess) to bring a deep sense of unconditional love to your inner child.

  • be attuned to the frequency of playfulness so that you can remember the magic and wonder of life and meet your power anim