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crystal bowl healing sound bath

A deeply restorative, relaxing and blissful monthly sound bath in Letcombe Regis Village Hall, Oxfordshire.


Come along with your yoga mat and blanket and get yourself all cosy to receive the healing goodness of the sound of Crystal singing bowls, as well as other sound healing instruments, including tuning forks, bells, and drums. 💛

Sound healing is incredibly powerful and I have seen in many of my readings that it is the medicine of the future. It takes you into a deep meditative space and really does have to be experienced to be believed. It soothes the nervous system and studies have shown that it can help with both physical pain and anxiety.❤️

Each month there is a different healing theme, a chance to pick an oracle card and receive a spiritual message, and attendees tend to sleep profoundly afterwards and have reported the most incredible healing experiences. Yay!🤎

Once you are settled I will guide you into a body relaxation, deepening the breath and will call in the Angelic realm to support us in our healing. You can ask for healing for anything that is troubling you in the mind, body or spirit and you will receive assistance.🤍️


All you need to do is allow yourself to receive, receive, receive! And let me take you on a blissful journey into sound vibration. 💙


Step one: book yourself on the session

Step two: bring anything you need to lie comfortably on a floor (with underfloor heating) e.g., yoga mats/mattresses, pillows, blankets, water, and eye pillows. (Plenty of spare blankets are available.)

Step three: get yourself super cosy, close your eyes and let go.

Step four: I lead you into a meditation to relax the body and call in your higher Angelic and Ascended Master guides to assist with your healing.

Step four: Drift off to the incredible sound of the bowls.



Arrive promptly by 7.20pm as we will start at 7.30pm on the dot.

Alas due to costs refunds are not available; however, you can transfer your ticket to another person, simply let us know the new name.

If you are concerned about any medical conditions, please contact me before booking. Those in the first trimester of pregnancy, with a pacemaker, or any hearing/balance difficulties should avoid sound healing sessions.

Next session - WEDNESDAY, November 29th

I will lead you into a body relaxation meditation and call in the Angelic healing frequencies ~ this month we are working with the Angels of community to help us align us with all our soulmates in this world ~ we have many souls who are part of our soul families and many who have incarnated at the same time as us ~ meeting them on the earth plane brings huge joy into our lives and a sense of belonging. With the push towards more separation and isolation it has never been more important to come together as a community and thrive. This will help lead you to your people!

Working with the Angelic realm is such powerful work, and all you need to do is allow them to work through you and with you. Bring a deep desire to meet your soul mates to the session and the Angels will grant your wish.

7.30pm to 8.45pm


Crystal bowl healing sound bath
Crystal bowl healing sound bath
29 Nov 2023, 19:30 GMT
Letcombe Regis Village Hall
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