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Ever wondered what an Akashic soul blueprint reading is like? What sort of information comes through and what your past lives look like? Or your challenges or gifts that you have come through with in this lifetime? This is the reading for you. It is a mini insight into what a full Akashic reading is like and will give you information about who you are as a soul, beyond who you are as a human.  


For more detailed guidance, book in for a full Akashic soul blueprint reading.



Your reading will be delivered as an audio recording to the email address you make your purchase with. Please specify if a different address is to be used. 


Follow me on Instagram for my live readings using Oracle and Tarot cards.


Thanks for being here and choosing me as your guide xxx

MINI Akashic soul blueprint reading ~ via VOICENOTE

  • The reading will be delivered, where possible, within 72 hours during working hours (Monday to Friday).

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