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This session is to remind you that you ARE psychic, but as a soul you can have many experiences across many lifetimes that have created blocks and resistance to our true psychic nature. 


Soul blocks and hindrances can include:


  • Experiences as a healer, seer or medium where you were punished for your gifts
  • Times where you were ridiculed for your spiritual beliefs
  • Feeling alone when no one else around you was connected like you were
  • Vows, contracts and declarations to deny your spiritual self because it was dangerous
  • Decisions to block your power so you would 'blend in' more.


Now is the time for you to step back into your spiritual powerful self and use these abilities to help you on your life path.


We will be going deep into meditation and journeying to the dimension where Unicorns reside. You will meet your own personal Unicorn helper and together with their beautiful healing power we will gently unblock, clear and remove resistance to knowing and using your psychic abilities. 


We all have a Unicorn guide and once you have connected with your own personal one you will be able to connect to them always.


No experience necessary, just an open mind and a willingness to receive healing. This recording is best listened to in the evening before bed.



  • Please make sure you are hydrated and comfortable ready for the recording. 
  • Sit somewhere where you will not be disturbed and where you can go deep into a meditative state to receive.
  • Make sure you can relax and integrate the healing afterwards. 


Disclaimer: by purchasing this recording you are aware that everything you experience is your free will and the Oracle Card Goddess holds no responsibility for the results.