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Tarot & Oracle card readings


Do you feel lost or stuck? Or like you're at a crossroads? Do you wonder what's in store for you or whether you're fulfilling your purpose? A reading can be so helpful to bring clarity, direction, and peace, giving information on where your path is going, what to focus on, and what is in your way.


Using my clairvoyant abilities, I connect to the spirit realm and receive the messages that will help you move forward in life, help you overcome any obstacles you’re facing, and understand what you're experiencing on a deeper level. These readings can help with any situation, whether it's your physical life ~ your job, home, relationships etc., or your inner life, your spiritual path and your growth as a soul.




*Some in person appts may be available. Contact me for availability

*please note, 2-3 readings per person per year maximum.

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