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Oracle cards carry the widom of all time within them. They can help you reframe your life and realise that you are a magnificent being of light having a human experience. They can help you become unstuck, feel supported, and shine a light on an aspect of your life that perhaps you weren't even aware of. They are here to guide and support you and help you on your mission. 


A 3-card Oracle card reading will point you in the right direction, give you guidance for your life path, and show you what you need to focus on right here right now, at the time of the reading. They will be truthful and honest but kind and compassionate when delivering their message. Sometimes, all you need is just a few words of comfort to lift you out of a dark place and help you get moving again.  

Once you have made your purchase, the decks chosen for your reading will be intuitively chosen and the cards carefully selected. More than one deck may be used depending on what energies you need to hear from. 


Your reading will be delivered as a Zoom recording to the email address you make your purchase with. Please specify if a different address is to be used. 


For more detailed guidance, book in for a one to one card reading.


Follow me on Instagram for my live readings using Oracle and Tarot cards.


Thanks for being here and choosing me as your guide xxx

3-card Oracle card reading ~ via VOICENOTE

  • The reading will be delivered, where possible, within 72 hours during working hours (Monday to Friday).

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