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You are an extraordinary being of light housed in a human body. You are SO much more than flesh and blood, and because of this you are already, by default, an intuitive being. But, how do you access this part of you? How do you strengthen this voice within you? And how to you activate it so that it is really strong and clear?


Come to the Intuition practice circle! This is where you will gather with others and I will show you how intuitive YOU are, and what an extraordinary GPS system resides within you. This intuitive voice is at the core of who you are ~ it is your internal guiding system and navigator in life and it only needs a few simple techniques and practice to really tune into it.

We are in such challenging times, with the era of social media, photoshop and video editing, not to mention AI technology. It is becoming harder and harder to separate truth from fiction with your physical senses, but your energy body - you intuition - can do just that. Your body will always tell you what is truth and what isn't, but most of all, it will always guide you with love and will always guide you towards what is best for you in that moment, whether it's something as small as what food your body needs today, or what is the best path for you in life. Once you have mastered the skill of listening to your intuition, you can navigate the world so much more easily and know where you are.

In this circle you will:

  • Receive an Akashic clearing to clear blocks to listening to your intution

  • Relax into a deep meditation to access your intution

  • learn a myriad of techniques to 'wake up' your intuition

  • develop clarity in decision making

  • learn what is the mind/ego vs the spiritual/intuitive

  • learn how to trust yourself

  • make your intuitive voice the driving force in your life


Each session will include a deep, guided meditation and a variety of exercises with a different theme per month. You will learn lots of techniques to then practice at home. All you need to do is wear comfy clothing for the session and be open to receiving higher guidance from your beautiful spiritual self. 

Intuition circle
Intuition circle
Multiple Dates
07 Jun 2024, 19:30 BST
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