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client reviews

"Helen is incredibly well connected spiritually, she is very impressive. I met her by chance at a social event and as she left she mentioned that I probably knew that I had two huge angels over me. I was blown away, I had no idea, although I have spent the last 40 years around psychics, mediums and healers, no-one had ever mentioned this. So I booked a session with Helen, and she was awesome. It was the best and most high vibration reading I have ever had. I felt truly inspired for the future, and everything she said was absolutely spot on whether she was referring to the past or the present, but everything she told me about the future really resonated. it was at a higher level than I had every imagined. I cannot recommend Helen enough. I think she has a rare and special gift, and her readings are of a totally different depth and quality to those I have had in the past. I will definitely be referring her to others and she will be my go-to person from now on for advice. Truly excellent.” GP.

"Thank you so much for your 3 card reading, very wise, intuitive &  inspirational as always. Your words always resonate with me & always guide me. It’s like I can’t see the wood for the trees and you show me how I go about finding my way rather than saying look there’s the path." HJ

"I attended the ‘Meet your Angel Guide Master Class’. I felt really supported and nurtured in the class and it was an amazing experience. A very thorough course. Helen is not only very professional but she has a wonderful heart and is incredibly gifted. I certainly feel more confident in connecting with my guides now. Helen is also very down to earth (even though very connected to the Angelic realms!) and is very easy to talk too. I never felt uncomfortable. I lovely heart centred Soul. I recommend! And I can’t wait to have a reading with her."  CR

"I am so pleased to have met Helen and received healing from her. She is a beautiful human being with so much light and talent that there is not a doubt that the humanity needs her. Her clairvoyance and channelling are highly accurate. I did a shamanic journey and few Akashic records with her,  and all information I received happened and she helped me to navigate easier some issues and circumstances I am dealing with. I highly recommend Helen, for her professionalism and beautiful heart and light she performed the healing sessions. Best wishes amazing woman and thank you very much." LP

​"I just wanted to thank you for the session and let you know that I’ve had awesome results from it.  The anxiety has gone and that heavy feeling in my solar plexus has disappeared. You are truly gifted! ❤️.  I plan to book another one shortly as there something else I would like to address  xxx" DE.

"Thank you so much for an awesome Oracle reading this evening. So powerful and so timely. It has really helped me. Such an amazing experience. Blown away by your insights and connections Helen! You were spot on." DS.

"I would fully recommend attending Helen's Zoom workshops. Her knowledge and training style are perfect and I can't wait to attend more workshops. I enjoyed it so much and it was a true awakening! Thanks Helen." BV

"Hi Helen! I just wanted to say that since my Akashic clearing with you my life has completely changed. ❤️  I have been getting incredible visions and downloads and everything you said I saw today during my meditation too. I just want to say thank you so much for my clearing! I can’t even describe what I’m feeling/going through right now but my intuition and psychic thoughts are so heightened right now and I’m dreaming angel numbers and symbols! Thank you so much xx"

"I have explored the spiritual, metaphysical and holistic health realms for over two decades, delving into numerous energy readings, regression hypnotherapy, psychoanalysis, mystical arts and channelling. Helen is an incredibly powerful channel and extremely well connected. She intuitively navigates the dimensions with ease and grace, using whatever tools she needs to guide those connections. I was blown away by her insights, depth, accuracy and method of delivery. With complete authenticity, Helen confirmed what many others have already seen about my journey here. I very highly recommend a reading with her." RD

"Meeting Helen was a delight! She eats drinks breaths spirituality. Her training was fun, insightful & an experience I would totally recommend - nothing to lose but everything to gain!" SB 

"Thank you so much for the reading today it meant a lot. I was sceptical to start with as I am with everything but what you said was scarily accurate and I mean amazing! What you said about my little girl being a starseed has also been said by other psychics so thank for taking the time and effort and sharing." LH

"I recently attended a group Akashic clearing session with Helen  and I was really surprised & amazed at the personal experience that I had ~ I really wasn’t expecting it to be so powerful in a session with others there too ... at one point Helen asked for our ‘most compatible’ spirit guide for these times, to ‘jump on board’ with us as it were! I can still see the most lucid & beautiful vision that entered my mind at that time, a dome of colourful opalescent was just a small part of it. The session was one of the most powerful experiences that I have ever had the pleasure to attend." JS

"I went to Helen for a reading. She made me feel at ease, and her room has a lovely, relaxed feel to it. She was spot on with what she said, it was amazing! I could listen to Helen for hours. I will definitely book another session with her." MH

"I have joined a number of Helen's Healing Meditation Journeys, they have been such a wonderful experience, a lovely way to relax and allow yourself to be guided. Personally I have always found guided meditations so much more powerful. I also recently had an Oracle card reading from Helen, the insight and depth of her connections literally blew my mind, she was spot on too! Helen is truly gifted and I am so grateful that she is now in my life. xx" HM

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