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Blog hiatus ...

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Slightly horrified that it's been over a year since a wrote my last blog post!

Kkkkeerrriiiissstt where did that time go?

It is what it is I guess.

It wasn't intentional and it's been an erm, interesting time, involving the most epic heartbreak I could ever have imagined. The most intense time of feeling great loss, the deepest grief, anger, hurt, bewilderment, rejection, deep physical pain in my heart. You name it, I hit that town of feels! And I just didn't want to write anymore.

But the same message kept coming back to me:

"regardless of what happens, you will never lose YOURSELF."

And underneath it all, deep down in the centre of my being, I knew it had a purpose. I knew that being dragged naked and bleeding over hot coals was not a mindless experience ~ that my soul brought it to me for a darn good reason. I sat up and took noticed, and learn to listen to me, to what spirit had to say, to the greater reason for ALL things.

The loss is still with me, and maybe it always will be? He was an incredibly important person in my life and I feel him every day still (and that's a whole story in itself). But through losing him I really did find myself. (Well hellloooo cliche!). But it's true, through the greatest pain I also found the greatest light. I found empowerment, I found self-love, I found wisdom, I found that love it eternal and goes beyond all the human doings and beings.

Spirit have been nudging me for a while to start writing again; they know how much I love it, what joy it brings me, and they would also like to speak through me. So I declared that this year I would use my voice in once again in whatever way I can to be of help to the world. And even if you think I talk a bag of shite, hopefully some sort of spirit light will come through anyway and sow a seed.

So I will write like no-one is reading, invite spirit to use my voice for the highest good and the highest light, and get back to doing what I love.

Hope to meet you here!

In Grace, in peace and in light, Helen xxx

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