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Oracle Card reading: 2 ~ 8 Mar. BEAUTY WAY.

How often do you stop and appreciate yourself? TRULY appreciate yourself? See yourself for the glorious creation of light that you are?

We spend such an inordinate amount of our time criticising ourselves; we’re absolute experts in pointing out what is ‘wrong’ with us. How we should have done better, how we’re idiots for this, stupid for that. We have such an unkind voice that lives within us, expertly driven by the media that is forever shows us how we are too fat, too thin, too old, too loud, too quiet ~ the list is endless. But how often do we marvel at the fact that we are here? How often do we watch with wonder at the mechanics of our body that allow us to walk every day; or to move our arms and hands? Or the machinations that take place within our organs that we aren’t even aware of? The billions of structures in just our EYES! Wow, how amazing is that!

When was the last time you thanked your kidney for its work? Or your lungs for your breath? Or your immune system for keeping you well? Have you ever shown your gorgeous body gratitude for what it does? Well now is the time lovelies, we are incredible beings, and we don’t even know it.

This week is all about seeing yourself for this magical creation that you are. Not only your physical, but the Divine spark that is within you and within everything around you. You are not a fluke, an accident, an evolution of nature. You are SO much more than that. Every cell in your body is beautiful. YOU are beautiful! You are here for a reason, to be you exactly as you are. You are not your flaws, you are not a mistake. And above all, you are loved deeply, so very, very deeply by a consciousness far beyond the physical. You are a perfect creation of light and you are gazed up as we would a beautiful rose ~ seeing only the perfection, the beauty and the magnificence.

So see yourself with a different lens today. See yourself through the lens of the Divine and marvel about how amazing your body is with all its systems and functions, how incredible your soul is for making this journey here and experiencing a world of duality. How beautiful you really are in every way.

For every mirror you pass today, affirm: ‘I am a Divine expression of light and perfect in my very being.” Feel It and Believe It. It is the ultimate truth.

The deck used for the reading is ‘Mystical Shaman Oracle’ by Villoldo, Baron-Reid and Lobos. Many blessings xxx


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