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Oracle Card reading: 9 ~ 15 Mar. THE TREE OF LIFE.

Now that we are fully into the month of March you are fully growing into your purpose for the year. 2020 is a year of change and stepping into alignment with your gifts; discovering and understanding who you really are and how you can best express these gifts. What you ‘do’ in life is only one aspect of you ~ you start first by turning inward and coming into close communion with your Soul, really getting to know yourself ~ then what you do is an expression of that magnificent Divine energy that you are.


The Tree of Life is about that understanding. The knowledge that each of us is like a different instrument in an orchestra, we each have our own place in the world and we each have our own gift. This month is the time for you to grow, open up and let that gift be seen. The message comes through repeatedly ~ THIS is the year.


Whatever you have been too afraid to do ~ now is the time to rise above that fear and to dissolve the dark voices in your mind that tell you you are not ‘good enough’. How can you not be ‘good enough’ when you are an expression of Divine light?


Time here on earth is such a blink of an eye. Whatever you are afraid of ~ it’s not worth sacrificing your wholeness in order to stay safe. NOTHING grows in your comfort zone. The Tree of Life has such deep roots and grounding in the earth. It knows it is held firmly in the arms of the Divine Mother. Because of this it flourishes and becomes its true glorious self as it reaches up towards the sun. You too are held deeply and can also flourish as your unique self too.


You aren’t here to be like somebody else. You are here to be YOU. You are doing the world no favours by allowing your lack of self worth to run the show. Trust in yourself, trust that you are more than that, and don’t hide anymore. Can you imagine if the Sun apologised for shining? Or the Stars of the Moon? No. Then why are you?


“Stand proud, stand fierce, be you and be seen. The world needs you. Humanity needs you. Let love be the force that wins today, not fear.”

The deck used for the reading is ‘Mystical Shaman Oracle’ by Villoldo, Baron-Reid and Lobos. Many blessings xxx

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